Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update - Monday, April 27

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update - Monday, April 27

**April 27 Update**

As we move into our 7th week of sheltering in place, social distancing and distance learning we hope that our players and their families are continuing to find ways to cope with the many financial, social and educational difficulties that this unprecedented situation has placed all of us in.  We along with our board are trying to figure out our new normal going forward related to Covid 19’s impact on our small non-profit organization and our programming.


As you are aware, last week Governor Cooper amended his order so that public school students in Grades K – 12 will remain on distance learning for the remainder of this school year.  He has also outlined a gradual phased restart of the state’s economy and activities provided that certain benchmarks are met.


Our state association (NCYSA) has set June 1 as a tentative date for youth soccer activities to resume for the spring.  This date is within the Phase II range proposed by the governor which allows parks to reopen with gatherings of more than 10 people while reccommending the continued use of face coverings.  With this date in mind we have been working on a couple of different options for our families for the month of June depending on how much social distancing is relaxed or maintained at it's present level.  We have not finalized all of the details yet but will keep you informed via this website and targeted emails as we are able to firm up our plans.


We look forward to seeing you back out on the fields later on this spring.  We'll continue to stay safe at home and do our part to help our state meet its goals so that we can all enjoy a lessening of restrictions and get back out on the fields as soon as possible.


**March 26 Update**

We hope that you and your family are doing well during this difficult time.  We are working hard to prepare for the Spring 2020 TAGS soccer season.  We would normally only be in our second week of the season with spring break and Easter approaching.  Seems like so much has happened in the past 10 days. 

With Governor Cooper declaring that face to face instruction for students in Grades K - 12 not resume until May 18, and Orange County under a Stay At Home Order until af least April 30, we have adjusted our plans accordingly.  We are currently working on alternative plans to have our season run from mid May through the end of June, allowing our players to get in their games for the spring.  We are working closely with Chapel Hill Parks and Rec to secure the field space needed to provide our full range of programming.

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More information will be posted to the TAGS website ( as we update season information.